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Prominent & Leading Manufacturer from Mumbai, we offer buraq reptile turtle uvb ultraviolet basking heat light bulb combo pack (set of 3 uv bulbs, 25 watt) and buraq turtle uvb light holder with bulb.

Buraq Reptile Turtle Uvb Ultraviolet Basking Heat Light Bulb Combo Pack (Set Of 3 Uv Bulbs, 25 Watt)

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Wattage25 w
Lighting ColorWarm White
Base TypeE27
Working Temperature97%
Body MaterialAluminum

  • UVA 97 %This daylight bulb is with 97% UVA stimulate appetite and 3% UVB promote vitamin D3 synthesis, fully absorb calcium, and 3.0 UVB could provide adequate UVB radiation. It has obvious prevention and improvement effects on the phenomenon of turtle backs, as well as heating to help digestion
  • HOLDER - This bulb only fits in E 27 socket , it is recommended to go for basking holders for good result
  • REPLICATE SUNLIGHT : used for wide variety of reptiles and amphibians, including bearded dragons, geckos, snakes (pythons, boas, etc.), turtles, tortoises, iguanas, lizards, chameleons, frogs, toads, uromastyx, chuckwallas, monitors, tegus, blue tongues, etc
  • UV BULB LIFE - due to high temperature and electrical fluctuation or prolonged use may burn out the bulb on average bulb last from 1 months - 3 months , kindly keep additional bulbs for replacement
  • DAILY USAGE - daily use only for 1-2 hours prolonged use may reduce the bulb life

Buraq Turtle UVB Light Holder with bulb

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Model Name/NumberTrutle light holder
Wattage25 / 50 / 75
Base TypeE27
FeaturesGood Features
Color Temperature2700-3000 K
Lighting TypeFluorescent

1.Provides UVB(97%) and UVA(3%) visible light & heat energy from a single lamp. Aid the synthesis of Vitamin D3; help prevent metabolic bone disease and stimulates reproduction; promote pets' appetite and help digestion to maintain nutritionally balanced growth. The full spectrum light bulb can also promote plant gro

2. UVA and UVB play an important role in reptiles' and Amphibians' development and health. It is perfect for a wide variety of tortoises, iguanas, lizards, chameleons, frogs, toads, uromastyx, chuckwallas, monitors, tegus, blue tongues, etc

3.360 degree adjustable reptile lamp holder with E27 base UVB UVA basking light bulb.

4.The ceramic head lamp holder suit for installing various reptile lamps below 300W, such as ceramic heating light bulb, infrared emitter, UVA, UVB basking light bulb etc. You can change the bulb according to your needs.With on/off switch, the lamp is more convenient and practical for usage.


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